NEW 2023 Hess Police Truck & Cruiser!

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The 2021 Hess Cargo Plane & Jet

Very limited inventory!

2020 Hess Ambulance and Rescue

The 2020 Hess Ambulance & Rescue

Very limited inventory!


2019 Tow Truck Rescue Team

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The 2019 Hess Mini Collection

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The 2018 Hess RV With Motorbike & ATV

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Hess Trucks Birthday Parties

The 2018 Hess Limited Edition Truck  Collections

We offer a limited selection of the 2018 Hess Truck Commemorative Collections. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.  

NEW 2018 Hess Mini Toy Collection Released!

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Hess Trucks • New Hess Truck Collections

NEW! 2017 Hess Mini Monster Collection! 

The NEW 2017 Hess Mini Collection arrived on the 10 year anniversary of the Hess Monster Truck (2007-2017).  In fact, inside this collection is a new Hess Mini version of the 2007 truck! A fitting tribute to this popular full-size Hess Truck.  So, we’ve paired this mini version of the Hess Monster Truck with the original full-size truck to bring you this unique Hess Mini-Monster Combo.

Save on both of these Hess collectibles with this Hess Mini-Monster Combo!    All trucks are BRAND NEW in factory fresh cartons.

Hess Mini Trucks Are Back In 2018!

Hess will release another 3 pack of Hess Mini Trucks June 1, 2018.  Pictured above is the 2017  Hess Mini Truck set.  Each of the 2017 Hess Mini Trucks are miniature versions of full sized Hess Trucks that were introduced over a decade ago in 2005, 2006, and 2007.  The Hess 2017 Mini set includes a Hess Mini Emergency Truck, a Hess Mini Truck & Helicopter, and a Hess Mini Monster Truck. Hess sold out of this item in 14 days.  Only a few in stock.  To fill in your collection from prior years, visit our Hess Mini Toy Store by clicking HERE.

We are excited to see the new Hess Mini Trio that Hess Corporation is releasing this Summer.  Sign up for our customer alerts and we will let you know once they are released and available from Hess!

The NEW 2016 Hess Toy Truck Is Here!

We are thrilled to offer the new 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster. For a limited time you can buy directly from Hess Corporation.  We are currently offering special gift packages like the one at this link.


“Hess Trucks To The Rescue” Collector’s Poster!


The Hess Truck Emergency & Rescue Theme debuted in 1970 with the very first Hess Toy Fire Truck.  There have been a total of 8 fire or emergency trucks through the years with The New 2015 Hess Truck & Ladder Rescue as the 9th in the series.  To learn more CLICK HERE..

Click Here For Details on Hess Truck Surprise Inside CombosHess Mint Surprise 27Hess-Surpise2

Brand New Mint In Box! 50th Anniversary  Hess Toy Truck & Space Cruiser Combos!  Hess 2014 SC 2

The NEW 50th Anniversary Hess Truck & Space Cruiser With Scout is back in stock. We have limited inventory remaining. Click Here for details. This unique 50th Anniversary Truck is also available in value priced combos. See  new Hess Truck & Space Cruiser With Scout Combos On Sale.

NEW Hess 50th Anniversary Set!  The 50th Anniversary Truck PLUS the Official Hess 50 Year Book!  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


Heavy Duty Hess Trucks Now On Sale.

Hess-Sliders-HeavyDutyOur biggest, brawniest, “Big 4” Hess Heavy Duty Trucks! Now in one exciting collection for $179.95 and comes with bonus items!

2006 Hess Rare Hess MiniChrome Mini RARE 

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MONSTER Holiday Sale!

Hess 2007 Truck

For a limited time save on the Hess Monster Truck with Two Motorcycles! Hess Green Gift Wrapping available.


Order With Confidence

Q&A:  Are these toys new?

Yes! These are brand new toys in their original Hess Toy Truck Collectible Carton.  When you order vintage Hess Trucks or refurbished toys we will indicate if the truck is used.  Otherwise, All Hess Toy Trucks are new in box with all inserts and cards issued by the manufacturer.


Hess Trucks FSBO

Periodically we get collections from long time Hess Toy Store customers who would like to sell select trucks or entire collections.  As a service we offer them a channel on The Hess Toy Store platform to sell directly to our customers.  CLICK HERE if you would like to see current Hess Truck Collections are being offered.

The NEW Hess Truck & Loader Is On The Road! 

HESS TRUCKS: Since Hess SOLD OUT of the 2017 Hess Dump Truck & Loader we have only a limited number remaining.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER. The new 2017 Hess Truck features a heavy duty dump truck and loader, similar to the 2008 Hess Truck & Front End Loader.

Hess Gold Trio Poster Sale!


Hess Fire Truck CombosHess 2015 Combos


Add A Race Car For Only $5.95 With Any New Hess Truck Purchase! 
Hess 2011 Racer

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“Hess Chopper” Birthday Bundle Sale!

Hess 2006 Helicopter Birthday Bundle

Our best value birthday gift set this month is the “Hess Chopper” Birthday Bundle.  This unique bundle includes the 2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter, The 2014 Hess 50 Year Gold Edition Poster, The 2011 Hess Mini Helicopter, The Ultimate Hess Hobby Tool, AND includes our signature Hess Green Gift Wrapping! All for $79.95. CLICK HERE For Details.

Hess 2014 Collectors Truck 3Hess Celebrates 50 Years With The 2014 Hess Collector’s Limited Edition Truck!

This is an extraordinary collectible with over 100 LED lights. This is a limited edition Hess Truck that is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. For more information go to:  “The Collector’s Edition Hess Toy Truck” 

Hess BOOK AMZ Insert

50 Years of Hess Toy Trucks Book!

The Hess Collector’s Book, “50 Years of Hess Toy Trucks,” is now on sale.  CLICK HERE for details. This 70 page hardback book with full color dust jacket is a spectacular chronicle of the iconic Hess Toy Truck covering the toy’s 50 year history.

NEW 2014 Hess Mini Truck Poster (Gold Edition)


Click Here for details. Just $19.95.

NEW! Hess 50 Year Anniversary CombosHess Book Platinum

All of our Hess Trucks are brand new and guaranteed to work as promised unless noted otherwise!  Vintage Hess Trucks 25 years or older will provide more detail in the description on the condition for that specific toy. Vintage trucks will show normal signs of wear and boxes will show signs of shelf wear.  We do sell some refurbished Hess Trucks that are posted on the Scratch ‘n Dent page.  Even though all refurbished Hess Trucks posted on this page are listed as used, rest assured that every truck has been tested and inspected and is guaranteed to work as promised!

NEW (Gold Edition) Hess 50th Anniversary Poster 

Click Here For Details $19.95.


Huge Selection of Hess Toy Truck Parts!

2007 Hess Truck

Monster Hess Toy Sale!

We’re having a Monster Sale on the action-packed Hess Monster Truck with Motorcycles! Don’t miss your chance save on this popular Hess Truck. CLICK HERE to learn more and see the video clip!

2014 Mini Hess

The New 2014 Hess Mini Truck Is Here!

The 2014 Hess Mini Truck is a SUV designed after the popular 2004 Hess SUV that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Hess Truck. Click here for 2014 Hess Mini details.  You can also own the Complete Hess Mini Truck Collection, now on sale.  Limited Inventory Remaining!

2013 Hess Toy Truck

2013 Hess Truck & Tractor! Heavy Duty Fun!

Long-time Hess collectors believe that this 2013 Hess Truck edition will be one of the rare hard-to-find trucks for years to come. When they’re gone, they’re gone! Click here to order now. Only $55.95. 


2000 Hess Truck

The 2000 Hess Fire Truck is Loooonnng on Fun!

Ladder Truck Sale!  Hess to the rescue! Exciting lights, sirens, and horn. Big extendible ladder and 2 small removable ladders. Our loooooonnngest Hess Toy Truck! Now on sale through December 25!


2005 Hess Truck

The 2005 Hess Emergency Truck & Rescue Vehicle

For a  Limited Time! Our best-selling Hess Emergency Truck! Multiple sounds, sirens, movable search light, and flashing emergency lights!  Rescue vehicle inside the Emergency Truck lights up!

How To Get A FREE Bonus Hess Truck!

If you order 3 different years of Hess Trucks today (For example, a 2012, 2010, and 2005) then we will send you a Free Bonus Hess Truck! Read Offer Details Here. Our best selling 2010 Hess Truck & Jet pictured above.

Shop Hess Toy Trucks By The Decade

Hess Toy Truck 40th Anniversary Collectors Book

Your Hess Truck collection is not complete without this informative guide filled with pictures of every collectible Hess Toy Truck from the very first Hess Truck in 1964 through the 2004 Hess Truck Anniversary edition. This book is out of print and very limited quantities remaining. To order Click Here.

2014 Hess Mini Truck Included in The New 2004-2014 Gift Set

2014 Hess Gift Set: For a limited time you can order a set of Hess Toy Truck History. Your set includes 1.) The Hess Toy Truck 50th Anniversary Poster (Limited Edition), 2.) The 40th Anniversary 2004 Hess SUV Truck with Motorcycles, and 3.) The NEW 2014 Hess Mini Truck. The Hess Truck 2004-2014 Gift Set: $79.95 plus shipping.

Give Hess Gift Certificates and Let Them Choose!

You can choose from 7 Hess Gift Certificate denominations.  We send your gift certificate direct to the recipient and include a personal note from you on a Hess “Just For You” card. Click Here for details.

Celebrating Hess Trucks 50th Birthday! 

The Hess Trucks Birthday Collections

1993-2013 Hess Trucks Birthday Collections: Gift packages Starting at $99.95 and includes FREE SHIPPING! CLICK HERE

Featured Hess Toy Truck: The Hess Helicopter and Rescue SUV. Exciting lights and sounds and moving rotors capture the imagination of all age groups. Brand new mint in box,  Now on sale for Click Here.

2006 Hess Truck

Save $10 Now On This Hess Gas Station Truck?

The 2006 Hess Truck and Helicopter Now On Sale! If you like Hess Trucks you see on trucks, you’ll love The 2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter pictured here and now on sale. See our other Hess Collectible Toy Trucks. For A Limited Time!

2011 Hess Truck

2011 Hess Truck and Racer

Here is the 2011 Hess Truck & Racer $49.95. Or, check out the 2011 Hess Racer Only on the Brown Box page.

NEW!  “Perfect Pairs” Inside Jackie’s Hess Toy Store! 

The ultimate Hess Gift idea.  See why they’re cheaper by the ‘doubles.’

Official Driver T-Shirt from the Hess Toy Store

The Official Driver Hess Toy Store T-Shirt

Put your young Hess Truck Driver in uniform and add a smile to your Hess Truck order with an Official Driver Jackie’s Hess Toy Store T-Shirt. Add it to your Hess Truck gift box! Youth sizes S, M, L. Only $15.95 and FREE shipping for your T-Shirt with any Hess Truck Order.

The Ultimate Hess Truck Tune Up Tool!

NEW! Hess 4 in 1 Blue Cap Hess Hobbyist Tool. Your essential tool to get ‘under the hood’ and  into your Hess Trucks! Click here to add it to your order.

Need Hess Truck Parts?

Visit the Hess Truck Parts Store Online. We stock hundreds of Genuine Hess Truck Parts – Just too many to list here! If you cannot find a part, contact us and we will check availability.

2009 Hess Truck

The High Performance 2009 Hess Race Car

The Sleek Collectible 2009 Hess Toy Race Car and Racer from the Hess Trucks Collection. This very popular edition in the Hess Truck series is loaded with exciting electronic lights and realistic race car sounds. Now on sale! $49.95


Hess Truck Collections

Be sure to check out our complete Hess Trucks collections. Packages priced from $99 and include FREE Shipping. Thank you for shopping Jackie’s Hess Toy Store.

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