Hess Toys FAQ

Hess Toy Trucks: Frequently Asked Questions

Hess 1975 Tanker Truck

Q: When will Hess release the 2015 Hess Toy Truck?

A: Hess has announced that it will release a 2015 Hess Truck this Fall.  Normally they release their “Winter Truck” prior to Thanksgiving. If you would like to be notified when it is released you can sign up for our email alerts in the box located in the top right corner of this page.

Q: Did Hess stop making the Mini Toy? 

A: Yes.  The 2014 Hess Mini Toy was the last one released. There was no toy released in the Spring of 2015. Hess has been silent on this matter and issued no public announcement confirming or denying this.  We can only assume that they stopped making Mini toys because they’ve sold off all of their retail gas stations.

Hess Battery A76Q: The battery finally died in our  green 2004 Hess Motorcycle. Do you know what size battery it takes?

A: Yes.  It is a small watch battery size A76.  Each of the 2004 motorcycles take two A76 batteries.  By the way, this is the standard size micro battery that Hess uses in all of their smaller accessory toys.  AAA and AA are other popular sizes used in Hess accessory toys.


Q: Will Hess release a 2015 Hess Mini Toy this year?

A: No.  Hess Corporate has not announced the release of a mini toy this year.  Normally these toys are released at Hess Gas Stations in May around Mother’s Day.  Now that Hess has sold their retail gas stations it appears that they will no longer be making the Hess Mini Toy.

Q: When does Hess release the 2014 Hess Toy Trucks?

A: Typically The Hess Company releases their mini Hess Toy Truck in May each year. The 2014 Hess “Winter” Toy Truck will be available around the Thanksgiving holiday.

Q: Where can you buy the 2014 Hess Toy Truck?

A: If you live near a Hess Express station you can buy your 2014 Hess Toy Truck from participating Hess Express Retailers. We also stock both the mini and full size Hess Trucks. Check our Hess Trucks shopping page for the new arrivals.

UPDATE:  You can now pre-order the 2014 Hess ‘Winter’ truck.  Just click on Shop Hess Trucks and you will see the 2014 image on the first row.