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How To Replace A Battery In A Hess Mini Toy

Your mini may be small but it can be a big problem to figure out how to get to that battery!  Especially if you can’t find the battery card which gives you step by step instructions.  While getting to the battery box in each Hess Mini may vary, we will give you the basics using a 2013 Hess Mini Truck with Racers.

TOOLS: Hess Ultimate Hobby Tool and a kitchen knife.


Tools.  If you don’t have the Hess Ultimate Hobby Tool, add one to your next order.  Every serious Hess Toy Truck Collector has one on hand to keep their collection in tip top shape!

Notice in the top left of the photo below that I use a butter knife from the kitchen to open the lid of the carton because the notch in the lid can catch and tear if you’re not careful.

Hess How To Mini Battery 1


Carefully remove the toy from the carton and turn it over.

Hess How To Mini Battery 2



On the bottom of the toy base is a dial that holds the toy in place. Turn it to the “unlock” position. Be sure to hand onto the toy as it will fall off as soon as you unlock it.

Hess How To Mini Battery 3



Now that the toy is off the base, turn it over and you will see a small screw opposite the red switch.  Unscrew it so that it will release the battery latch.

Hess How To Mini Battery 4



Hess How To Mini Battery 5



Now that you have unscrewed the battery latch, turn the toy over and you will see that the top of the truck slides forward.  Slide if forward and voila’ you have access to the battery box.  The Hess Mini Toys use a AAA sized battery.

Hess How To Mini Battery 6


Hess How To Mini Battery 7



Enjoy your toy!   Mini battery problem solved!


Courtesy of your friends at Jackie’s Hess Toy Store