Hess Toy Collections

Hess Bday CollectionHess Truck Combos For Birthdays, Holidays, and Special Occasions 

We have assembled some of our best sellers in convenient combo packages.  Here is an overview of some of the options available to you.

A.   The Hess Birthday 1 Decade Collection (COMBO 1)$99.95 FREE SHIPPING / See details below.

B.  The Hess Birthday 2 Decades Collection (COMBO 2)$119.95 FREE SHIPPING / See details below.

C.  The Hess Birthday 3 Decades Collection (COMBO 3)$149.95 FREE SHIPPING  (Your Best Value) / See details below.

*  Gift Wrapping Your Hess Trucks:  Gift wrapping is available for birthdays or any special occasion. Only $5.50 for the first toy, then $2.75 for each additional toy in your order. Click here for more information on gift wrapping and adding a message to your gift box.

Pull Into The Hess Birthday Station For Fun! 

Planning a birthday party for your Hess Toy Collector?  Pull into the Hess Birthday Station and “Fill ‘er Up With Fun!” Click Here for more information!





Bigger Hess Truck Collections

We offer 6 different Hess Truck collections ranging from starter collections to complete sets of all Hess Toy Trucks.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the various Hess Toy Collection Packages starting at $395.

Hess Bday Collection

The Hess Birthday Commemorative Collection (COMBO 1): $99.95 FREE SHIPPING Hess-Buy-Now


Gift Wrapping Your Hess Trucks

Gift wrapping is available for birthdays or any special occasion.  Click here for more information on gift wrapping and adding a message to your gift box.


The Hess Birthday Commemorative Collection (COMBO 2): $119.95 FREE SHIPPING Hess-Buy-Now

Hess 3 Decades

The Hess Birthday Commemorative Collection (COMBO 3): $149.95 FREE SHIPPING Hess-Buy-Now

Hess Trucks: Larger Deluxe Collection Packages

1977-78 Hess TruckIf you are looking to start out with a complete Hess Toy Collection we offer 6 value priced packages, 3 deluxe and 3 for the budget conscious.  These collections have been carefully researched, assembled, and inspected one Hess Toy at a time to ensure that you receive a high quality vintage collection of authentic Hess Trucks.


Hess Toy Collection Deluxe Packages



Jackie’s Hess Toy Store Core Collection 25:  Over 25 years of Hess Toys (1980’s-2013)
Click HESS Core 25 for package details: $1,295 Hess-Buy-Now






Jackie’s Hess Toy Store Core Collection 35: Over 35 years of Hess Toys (Late 1970’s-2013)
Click Hess Core 35 for package details:  $3,295Hess-Buy-Now




Hess-Trucks-PlatinumJackie’s Hess Toy Store Master Collection: Complete collection of Hess Toys (1960’s-2013) Includes several EXTREMELY RARE limited edition vintage trucks that are difficult to source.  This collection includes the iconic 1966 Hess Tanker Ship.
Click HESS Masters Collection here for package details:  $25,995.00Hess-Buy-Now



The 1966 Hess Tanker Ship



Budget Conscious Hess Toy Starter Collections

Hess-Trucks-PlatinumHess Toy Platinum Starter Collection: (Every Truck from 1992-2013) Total of 22 trucks: $995.00 and $50 Shipping & Handling. Hess-Buy-Now






Hess-Trucks-GoldHess Toy Gold Starter Collection: (Every Truck from 2002-2013)
Total of 12 trucks: $595.00 and $40 Shipping & Handling Hess-Buy-Now







Hess Toy Silver Starter Collection: (Every Truck from 2006-2013) Total of 8 trucks: $395.00 and $30 Shipping & Handling Hess-Buy-Now


2008 Hess Truck

The 2008 Hess Truck and Front End Loader