Your Hess Birth Year

Your Hess Truck Birth YearWhat Is Your Hess Birth Year?

Find the Hess Toy Truck that was issued during your birth year. You may be surprised at what your year’s model looks like.  So, are you a tanker truck, a fire truck, or a patrol car?  Wanna see?


It’s fun and easy!

Just click the decade below to get to your birth year. For example, if you were born in 1985, click on the 80’s button below.


So now What?

So you found your Hess Trucks birth year.  Or, you found a friend or loved one’s birth year.

Wouldn’t it be a creative gift to send them a classic Hess Toy Truck from their birth year?

Or, treat yourself to a bit of Hess Toy Truck history with your own birth year Hess Truck!