Hess Trucks
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Welcome to Hess FSBO! This is a marketplace of Hess Truck collections offered by select customers of The Hess Toy Store.  Here you can find unique curated Hess Truck Collections where you can select from individual Hess Trucks or predefined collections of Hess Trucks at great prices!

Each collection is posted for 60 days so let us know right away if there is a collection or a truck that you would like to buy before it goes away.  Please note that once a collection is sold out or closed out, the view link is deactivated.


Gavin Estate Hess Truck Collection

1964-1987 Mint Condition Collection:  Offered 9/1/23. CLICK HERE

SOLD OUT 10/17/23


Leslie Thomas Hess Truck Collection

1994-2011 Mint Condition and Used Conditions:  Offered 3/6/23. CLICK HERE



Parker King Hess Truck Collection

1966 Used Condition Hess Voyager:  Missing inserts. Offered 2/10/23. CLICK HERE

SOLD OUT 2/13/23