Hess Helicopter Collection

Hess Helicopters Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Hess Helicopter Collection

Through the years Hess Corporation has featured helicopters in their Hess Toy Truck Series. Specifically, 1995, 2001, 2006, and 2012 were ‘helicopter’ years in the Hess Series.

In 1998 Hess Corporation introduced the Hess Mini Truck.  The cool thing about this series it that the Hess Mini Toys created each year echo the design of the full-sized Hess Winter Truck a decade earlier.  So the 1995 Hess Truck & Helicopter is captured in miniature a decade later in the 2005 Hess Mini Helicopter.  Similarly, the 2011 Hess Mini pays tribute to the 2001 Hess Helicopter design.

Here’s your chance to lift off with the 6 piece Ultimate Hess Helicopter Collection! Every helicopter in the Hess Series is captured in this unique collection.

Here’s what’s included in your collection:

Hess Full Size ‘Winter Trucks’

Hess 1995-S1995 Hess Truck & Helicopter  ($59.95)

Hess 2001-S2001 Hess Helicopter with Rescue Vehicle and Motorcycle  ($79.95)

Hess 2006-S2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter  ($59.95)

2012 Hess Helicopter and Rescue Vehicle ($55.95)

Hess Mini Toy Trucks

2005 Mini Hess Helicopter2005 Hess Mini Helicopter  ($24.95)

2011 Mini Hess Helicopter2011 Hess Mini Helicopter Transport  ($24.95)


The Ultimate Hess Helicopter Collection: Gift Wrapping Available.

SKU: HES-UHC14  $275.95 and a flat rate $19.95 shipping & handling to the lower 48 states. International buyer please contact us for rates to your country.


Hess 2012 Helicopter and Rescue