Hess Christmas Toys Hess Holiday Specials

We’ve prepared some amazing specials for you.

Join us in celebrating 51 Years of  Quality Hess Trucks!  They just keep getting better!

One of the most common requests that we get during the holidays is, “When can I get the new Hess Truck for (current year) 2015?”  The answer.  Right here!

Another question we get from parents and grandparents during this holidays is, “What is a good ‘starter’ collection for my child or grandchild?”  To answer that question, we’ve added some Hess Holiday Starter Collections below.  So, pick up your shopping list and let’s get started!

Hess Golden Anniversary 3 Decades Collection  


This collection celebrates three decades of Hess Toy Trucks and features toys from 1994, 2004, and 2014.  Your collection includes a brand new 2014, 2004, and 1994 Hess Truck.  SKU: HES-GAT-14  Gift wrapping available.


Hess 2014 Winter151994 Hess Toy Truck

Hess Toys    2014                             2004                                  1994

Hess Golden Anniversary 4 Decades Collection 


This collection features the 4 decades of Hess Toy Truck model years.  Your collection includes brand new 2014, 2004, 1994, and  the rare vintage 1984 Hess Toy Trucks.  SKU: HES-GAD-14  Gift wrapping available.



Hess 2014 Winter15 2004 Hess Truck & Motorcycles1994 Hess Toy Truck1984 Hess Toy Truck

Hess Toys2014                                   2004                            1994                               1984



New Kids on the Block Collection 

This collection features the 4 most recent Hess Toy Truck model years.  Your collection includes brand new 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 Hess Toy Trucks.  SKU: HES-NKB-14  Gift wrapping available.

Hess 2014 Winter152013 Hess Truck  2012 Hess Truck   2011 Hess Toy Truck and Racer

Hess T       2014                              2013                      2012                                       2011




The Truckin’ Trio Collection  

This collection features the 3 most recent Hess Toy Truck model years.  Your collection includes brand new 2014, 2013, and 2012 Hess Toy Trucks. SKU: HES-TRT-14  Gift wrapping available.


Hess 2014 Winter15 2013 Hess Truck  2012 Hess Truck

Hess Toys 2014                                2013                                  2012



The ‘Dualies’ Collection  

This collection includes the 2 most recent Hess Toy Truck model years.  Your collection includes brand new 2014 and  2013 Hess Toy Trucks. SKU: HES-DLC-14   Gift wrapping available.

Hess 2014 Winter152013 Hess Truck

Hess T         2014                                2013


Hess Holiday Gift WrappingAdd Gift Wrapping to Any Holiday Order

You can have any Hess Toy Truck, Hess Mini Toy, or Hess Toy Truck Collection Gift Wrapped!  Our talented Lady Elves know how to make your gift look beautiful! Only $5.95 for the first give and $2.75 for each one thereafter! Every gift wrapped order includes a high gloss “Just For You” Hess gift card that you can write your message or have us jot your personal note to your recipient.  Click Here!



Hess Minis Complete CollectionThe Complete Hess Mini Toy Truck Collection 1998-2014!

If you want to take the most popular stocking stuffer on the planet (The Hess Mini Toy) to the next level, give the Complete Hess Mini Toy Collection!  This complete collection comes with the new 2014 Hess Mini Toy Poster (First Limited Edition Poster for this Hess Series!)Hess Mini Toys Complete Collection