Hess Trucks 1960’s Detail

Hess Toy Trucks of the 1960’s

The Beginning of the Hess Trucks Series 

It was 1964 that the Hess Toy Trucks tradition started when company president Leon Hess wanted to find a low cost quality toy that could be sold to Hess customers during the holiday season.  The iconic Hess Truck Tanker had functioning lights and a hose that could be used to drain water from the tank.  It was priced at $1.29 making it an affordable children’s holiday gift for Hess customers.  In addition to the Hess Tanker Trucks, a replica of the Hess Oil Company’s tanker ship, The Voyager, was introduced in 1966.  The Hess Trucks and the Hess Ship are considered rare collectibles today and are difficult for Hess Truck collectors to find in ‘like new’ condition.

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Hess Buy Now ButtonHess Trucks: 1964 Hess Truck  The very first Hess Truck
Hess Trucks: 1965 Hess Truck Details Page
Hess Trucks: 1966 Hess Voyager Tanker Ship Details Page
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Hess Trucks: 1969 Hess Tanker Truck Details Page