Gasoline Trucks & Specials

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.56.57 PMIMG_4946Gasoline Trucks & Collectibles From Other Oil Companies and National Brands

Through the years we’ve collected some non-Hess gasoline toy trucks and put them away for the future.  From time to time we sell off some of this limited inventory.    In this section you will see toy trucks from gasoline and oil companies as well as a few other national brands.

Gasoline Toy Trucks
BP Oil Company
Esso Oil Company
Exxon Oil Company
Humble Oil Company
Mobil Oil Company
Shell Oil Company
Sunoco Oil Company

National Brand Toy Trucks 
Coca Cola
Crayola Brand
Seven Eleven 7-11
Dunkin Donuts

Various Toy Truck Materials

Please note that these special gasoline collector’s trucks have differing types of materials. For example, the yellow Shell Oil Truck pictured above is made from cast metal while the Exxon Tanker  is constructed of molded plastic.  Also, some of the trucks like those made by Ertl are limited edition toys and are numbered.

Buy 3 Gasoline Trucks and Get 1 FREE!

We send you a FREE toy truck when you buy any 3 toy trucks from this page or section of the website.  Just put, “Gasoline Buy 3 Get 1 FREE” in notes section when you check out. Your FREE truck will be added to your order.


1996 7-Eleven Toy Race Car Carrier (3)

7-Eleven 1996 Toy Race Car Carrier



1993 BP Toy Race Car Carrier (1)

BP 1993 Toy Race Car Carrier



Buddy L #5217 Coca Cola Delivery Truck (3)

Coca Cola Buddy L #5217 Delivery Truck



Crayola 1992 18 Wheeler w24 Crayons (1)

Crayola 1992 18 Wheeler w/24 Crayons



1994 Dunkin Donut Tractor & Trailer (2)

Dunkin Donuts 1994 Tractor & Trailer



1995 Dunkin Donut Tractor & Trailer (1)

Dunkin Donuts 1995 Tractor & Trailer



1992 Exxon Tanker Truck (1)

Exxon 1992 Toy Tanker Truck



1995 Exxon Race Car Carrier (2)

Exxon 1995 Race Car Carrier



Exxon ESSO Standard Gasolines Toy Truck (1)

Exxon ESSO Standard Gasolines Toy Truck



Exxon Humble 997 Toy Tanker Truck (2)

Exxon Humble 997 Toy Tanker Truck



1995 Getty Toy Race Car Carrier (2)

Getty 1995 Toy Race Car Carrier



ERTL Stock Number 3839 Humble 1925 Kenworth Tanker Ban (1)

Humble 1925 ERTL Stock Number 3839 Kenworth Tanker Bank



ERTL Stock Number B547 Humble 1951 Panel Truck Bank (1)

Humble 1951 ERTL Stock Number B547 Panel Truck Bank



1993 Mobile Toy Tanker Truck (1)

Mobil 1993 Toy Tanker Truck



1994 Mobile Toy Race Car Carrier (1)

Mobil 1994 Toy Race Car Carrier



1995 Mobil Collectible Toy Tow Truck (1)

Mobil 1995 Collectible Toy Tow Truck



1938 Shell Dodge Airflow Tanker Bank (8)

Shell 1938 Dodge Airflow Tanker Bank



1995 Shell Concept Tanker Truck (4)

Shell 1995 Concept Tanker Truck



1994 Sunoco Toy Tanker Truck (2)

Sunoco 1994 Toy Tanker Truck



1995 Sunoco Aerial Tower Fire Truck (2)

Sunoco 1995 Aerial Tower Fire Truck



ERTL Stock Number 9500 Texaco 1939 Dodge Airflow (1)

Texaco 1939 ERTL Stock Number 9500 Dodge Airflow