Hess Mini Six Pack Stack (Basic)



Hess Mini Six Pack Stack (Basic)


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The Hess Mini Six Pack Stack!

Wanna know what kids and Hess Mini Collectors really like?  So did we. So we ran a an inventory report and identified the top 6 most popular mini toys. We then put together a special discount package just for you and named it, “The Hess Mini Six Pack Stack!”

You get the popular: 
2014 Hess Mini SUV
2013 Hess Mini 18 Wheeler & Racers
2012 Hess Mini Truck & Airplane
2011 Hess Mini Helicopter Transport
2007 Hess Mini Rescue Truck
1999 Hess Mini Fire Engine

Each toy measures between 5″ and 6″ and comes in individual boxes. A total of 6 Hess Mini Trucks.

Basic Hess Mini Six Pack Stack $99.95 plus $19.95 shipping.

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Hess Mini Poster 2014 GOLD EditionHess Mini Six Pack Stack To The Max! $119.95 plus $19.95 shipping.

Take your Stack to The Max by adding the brand new 2014 Limited Edition Hess Mini Toy Poster and includes our signature gift wrapping!
Hess Gift Wrapping