Paying For Your Hess Order

Paying For Your Hess ToysHow To Pay With Your Credit Card

When you get ready to check out and pay for your selected toys here is what you can expect.

1.  Can I use my credit card? Yes. You can use any of the 4 credit card types pictured below.


2.  Do I need a PayPal account?  No. You do not have to have a PayPal account to check out. We only use PayPal to provide our secure merchant account credit card processing because of their excellent security systems to protect our customers.  After you have added Hess Toys to your cart, go to check out.

Here is what you will see when you go through the check out process.Hess Payments 1 Hess Payments 2 Hess Payments 3 Hess Payments 4

3. Who will process my order?  We use Carillion Inc. to manage our inventory, shipping, handling, and fulfillment.  You may see the Carillion name at check out and on packing slips used for Jackie’s Hess Toy Store orders.

4.  How will my Hess Toys be packed?  With the utmost TLC!  Here is the process that we use to fulfill each and every order:

A.  Each toy is tested and carefully inspected to ensure you get the very best. We open every Hess Toy box, battery test each truck and any accessory toy that may be included.  We inspect it to be sure it represents the highest Hess quality.  Yes, it takes more time, but its worth it. We never want to send a toy that is damaged or not working.

B.  We use quality boxes and packaging that exceed USPS shipping specifications and standards.  Due to the risk of fire and because of USPS and FAA regulations we do not ship toys with batteries.

Hess Occassion Card For YouC.  We customize your packing.  If you have ordered gift wrapping for a toy and requested a personal note, we wrap the toy for your special occasion and hand write your personal note on a Hess “Just For You” card.  Our customers have consistently been delighted with our gift wrapping service and we wrap each gift as though it was going to one of our own!  If you have asked us to ship your package to a different address as a gift, we never include a transaction receipt, only your personalized card.

5.  What if I still need help placing my order?  You can always reach me or one of our Jackie’s Hess Toy Store “Elves” by emailing me at: or calling our shop at 480 513 0529.

We love our Hess Toy Store customers! Thank you for your business!

Kind regards,