How To Sell Your Hess Toy Collection



How To Sell Your Hess Toy Collection



How To Sell Your Hess Toy Collection (eBook)

By Jackie Reece

A few years ago I put together an eBook to help some of our Clients who were  managing estates and faced with the task of selling a loved one’s Hess Toy Truck Collection.  Even though we buy Hess Truck collections from time to time, often there are collections that are best handled by the owner or family members they have designated to sell their collections.  They want to sell directly to the public or through auction sites that are favorable toward collectible Hess Toy Trucks.

This little eBook may not win any awards, but it is the results of my 19 years of experience as an independent Hess Toy retailer condensed into 19 pages.  It is designed to save you time and to guide you on how to get the most dollars possible for your Hess Truck collection.

We offer both an eBook (digital download) or a printed hardcopy. Please allow 24 hours for delivery of your digital product. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery of the printed copy

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