Hess Trucks To The Rescue Poster



Hess Trucks To The Rescue Poster


The Hess Trucks To The Rescue Poster  

Large Format: 18″ x 24″

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The NEW Hess Trucks To The Rescue Poster (Tribute To First Responders)

For the first time since 2005 Hess brought back the red fire truck!  We have put together the Ultimate Hess Rescue Truck Reunion in this NEW “Hess Trucks To The Rescue” collector’s poster.

Instead of the traditional Hess green poster the “Hess Trucks To The Rescue” collector’s poster is a vibrant red poster featuring all of the Hess Emergency and Rescue Trucks all the way back to 1970, when the company introduced the very first Hess Toy Fire Truck.  To this day the 1970 Hess Toy Fire Truck remains a highly valued vintage classic among true Hess Truck Collectors.

Each Hess Toy Truck is pictured and labeled with the year it was produced and the name of the toy for that year. Historic vintage photos all the way back to the very first Hess Fire Truck produced in 1970. With the new 2015 Hess Fire Truck & Ladder Rescue there are now a total of 9 trucks in the series. While not a truck, The 1993 Hess Patrol Car deserves an honorable mention and has been included in this commemorative poster!

Your poster ships in a sturdy tube designed for art posters. Please note frame not included.

SIZE: Large Format 18″ x 24″ full color poster
UPC # 881314550425
ISBN#: 978-1-933513-00-3
RELEASE DATE: November 2015
PUBLISHER: Carillion Press ©2015
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PUBLICATION DATE: ©2015 United States of America