The Hess Truck Ultimate Limited Edition Commemorative Collection

$479.95 $399.95


The Hess Truck Ultimate Limited Edition Commemorative Collection

$479.95 $399.95


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The Ultimate Hess Truck Limited Edition Combo!  The 2018 Hess Collector’s Limited Edition First Hess Truck AND The Rare 2014 Hess Collector’s Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Truck! Plus 2 Free Bonus Items!

The NEW 2018 Hess Limited Edition Collector’s Truck is one of the most RARE recent releases by Hess Corporation.  This truck sold out in less than 2 days!  We have a VERY Limited number and offering them to our valued customers in this unique commemorative combo.  You get BOTH the 2018 Hess 85th Anniversary Truck and the 2014 Limited Edition Hess 50th Anniversary Collector’s Truck.

PLUS, you will receive in a separate package 2 bonus items: The Hess 50th Anniversary Poster (pictured below) and the Hess Mini Toy Poster 1998-2014.

As a reminder, the unique 2014 Hess Collector’s Limited Edition Toy Truck represents the pinnacle of this iconic toy.  Each of these trucks are numbered and sold out within weeks of its debut during the Hess 50th Anniversary Celebration.  This is a rare and much sought after toy among Hess Toy Collectors.

This truck bridges the old and the new.  The main toy truck is a sleek modern articulated tractor truck and dark green tanker with over 100 bright lights including high tech LED lights.  This is the most lights ever for a Hess Toy Truck. The back of the tanker unit has a hinged lid that opens. Inside is a small tanker truck that is a tribute to the very first 1964 Hess Toy Truck.

Packaging for this Commemorative Hess Collector’s Edition truck is the most elaborate ever produced by Hess.   It features a slant lid cap that opens to display the broad side of the truck.  The entire package slides in a green glossy sleeve with the Hess Toy Truck dates displayed, 1964-2014.

An amazing toy truck with incredible detail and high collectible value. Please note that the packaging may show shelf wear and have minor box dents, tears, and dings to the box.  Perfect toy inside, just not a perfect box. We don’t offer backorders on this item because there are only a limited number in inventory.  Please understand these are imperfect boxes before placing your order.

Your Certificate Is Inside: We open and inspect every truck before it is shipped, and prepare and print Your Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  This full color certificate will be included inside your box.



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