2013 Hess Truck

Similar to the popular 2008 Hess Truck set, the 2013 Hess Truck and Tractor features a tractor on the back of the truck.  Unlike prior tractors, this self-propelled unit has a motorized rubber track that moves it forward or backwards.  It has 15 functioning lights and front and back buckets that move and articulate similar to real caterpillar tractors.  The truck and trailer are loaded with chrome accents and sports 45 functioning lights that work in a steady or flashing mode.  The truck’s trailer has a concealed loading ramp complete with hydraulic sounds when in motion.  The truck has other sound effects that include ignition, horn, backup, idling, and the hydraulic sound effect. A new feature on the 2013 Hess Truck and Tractor is an interactive feature where the 4 sound effects trigger bonuses on the Hess interactive game.  An estimated 1,800,000 of these units were made for the 2013 holiday season.