2018 Hess Mini Trucks Coming June 1!

Hess Mini Trucks: The 2018 Collection

We are excited about the new 2018 Hess Mini Trucks set to be released June 1, 2018.  This will be the second year that Hess Corporation has release Hess Mini Toys is sets of 3.  The 2017 Hess Mini Collection included a toys that pay homage to 3 of the full sized Hess Trucks release a decade earlier: The 2005 Hess Emergency Truck, the 2006 Hess Truck and Helicopter, and the 2007 Hess Monster Truck.

Three New Hess Mini Trucks

The 3 Hess Mini Trucks set to be released this year include a vintage Hess Tanker Truck, a Hess Fire Truck (tribute to the 1970 Hess Fire Truck, and a third that will be revealed between now and June 1, when the new 2018 Hess Mini Collection is released.

5 Replies to “2018 Hess Mini Trucks Coming June 1!”

  1. carol mckay says:

    I want to buy the new 2018 hess mini trucks, carol

    1. Admin says:

      The new 2018 Hess Mini Collection will be released at 10am EDT today and you can buy them directly from Hess on their corporate website. We are all excited to see this new addition to the line of Hess Minis!

      1. Admin says:

        Hi Charles, you buy these directly from Hess Corporation on their website. They usually have them available for several weeks. Thanks

  2. Charles L. Sober says:

    I only get a once a month social security check the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Can you save me a set of 2018 minis until I get paid on the 20th?

  3. Charles L. Sober says:

    Will you accept a postal money order for the 2018 Hess Mini set?

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