Hess Toy Truck Official 50th Anniversary Book

Original price was: $189.95.Current price is: $149.95.


Hess Toy Truck Official 50th Anniversary Book

Original price was: $189.95.Current price is: $149.95.

Hess-Book-2015-Insert-WHITENEW Hess Book Insert For 2015 Now Included FREE With Your Book! 

Each of these books ship with an insert featuring the NEW 2015 Hess Fire Truck & Ladder Rescue.  It is shipped on the outside of your sealed book. Just open your book, fold the insert on the dotted line, and insert into the back of your new Hess Book.

Brand New! Crisp. stunning full color photos of every Hess Truck from 1964 to 2014. Limited Edition Book. Now out of print. Limited Number Remaining.

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50 Years of Hess Toy Trucks Official Commemorative Anniversary Book  

RARE OUT OF PRINT: Very limited quantities remaining.


This is a beautiful 69 page full color hardcover book that chronicles the iconic Hess Toy Truck over the past half century.  This stunning 9″x 9″commemorative anniversary book provides full color photo and text detail on each Hess Truck produced over the past 50 years and includes rich historical facts that illuminate the journey of this world famous toy series.

NEW!  2015 Hess Fire Truck & Ladder Rescue Update Insert Included FREE with every book!
INSERT: 1 page 2015 Insert
PUBLISHER: Carillion Press
LIC: Hobby Distributors #2015-Z457129
RELEASE DATE: November 23, 2015

BOOK: 50 Years of Hess Toy Trucks
ISBN-13: 978-1595910844
FORMAT: Hardcover with Full Color & Gold Foil Imprinted Dust Jacket
WEIGHT: 24 oz.
SIZE: 9″ x 9″ x 1″
PUBLISHER: Hess Corporation, Made in the USA