Hess 2007 Monster Truck with Motorcycles



Hess 2007 Monster Truck with Motorcycles


Hess 2011 Racer

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The rugged looking 2007 Hess Monster Truck with Motorcycles brought new excitement to the Hess Truck series with oversized off-road tires under a raised pickup truck chassis. This truck featured dramatic flame graphics, had a rooftop light bar, and lots of chrome accents. Additionally, it had a horn and made 2 other roaring truck sounds. A dual set of friction powered motorcycles in the back of the truck featured working lights and twin engines. Hess made 1,600,000 of these trucks for the 2007 holiday season.

Please note that batteries not included.  Toy carton will show normal shelf wear.

Check out the TV spot Hess ran during the holidays to introduce the 2007 Hess Monster Truck and Motorcycles.