Hess 2005 Emergency Truck with Rescue Vehicle


Hess 2005 Emergency Truck with Rescue Vehicle


Top Selling Toy and Customer Favorite!

Multiple sounds. Multiple flashing lights. Rear search light. Extendible ladder. Working lights on Rescue Vehicle.

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This unique toy remains a prized favorite among Hess Collectors. The 2005 Hess Emergency Truck with Rescue Vehicle includes an off-road rescue vehicle that sports real lights and has an exceptionally powerful friction activated motor making it extremely fast.  Electronics in the fire truck power real lights, emergency flashing red lights, and three different emergency sirens sounds. Chrome accents shine on this bright red Emergency Truck.  Hess manufactured 1,600,000 of these trucks for the 2005 holiday season.

Please note that batteries not included.  Toy carton will show normal shelf wear.

Our best selling Hess Fire / Emergency Truck!

Check out the TV spot Hess ran back in 2005 to introduce the 2005 Hess Truck and Rescue Vehicle!